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Based on ideas and experiences of professionals who are active in the front lines, only what is necessary as "first tools” are extracted into Kraken2.
For beginners starting visual performance, even for searchers asking for basic and the noble path software.

What professionals want is not to do complicated operations or showy performances, but to produce a perfect stage by granular and simple operations. Also lead the audience who came to the venue enjoy. Why Kraken2 is selected are the three reasons.
  • The overwhelming sense of stability during operation.
  • Simple but calculated UI (main screen) less leading operational error.
  • High basic performance such as Syphon and Quartz Composer compatibility, and good usability.
  • Overwhelming stability

    stability in use" required for image performance software. Transition to AVFoundation (64 bit process) from QuickTime based playback engine, which makes it possible to respond to the latest codec, moreover to achieve even more stable playback.

    Automatic conversion to HAP codec

    You do not have to bother with converting material in advance. HAP codec automatic conversion function is installed, so that you can save material preparation work. *We recommend using HAP codec proposed by VIDVOX.

    NewTek NDI compatibility

    This responds to such scenes by dealing with NDI like "We have to send the video on Wi-Fi in a hurry".Of course, it supports Syphon which shares video with other video tools.

    Enhancement of the number of registrable media

    Up to 50 banks can be set basically on 1 bank 7x3 media registration. Furthermore, when setting this 7x3x50 as "1 category", the number of categories that can be set is unlimited. Easy-to-use customization such as category setting for each event, category setting by party music genre etc. is possible.

    Twitter direct posting function

    Direct posting to Twitter is possible. It is also possible to attach a screenshot of the image on events for posting "the best picture" or even for real-time advertising and attracting customers.

  • Called "AB channel" with faders on the left and right. Movies and images are managed with ‘the bank’ in the center of the screen. It is easy even for beginners to understand and to operate without confusion.
  • Getting used to it, let's prepare a lot of movies and images. Do not worry if the video's capacity is large. Automatically it will be converted into the one best suited for the video material and low load on PC.
  • If you want to play using hardware, you can use Kraken2 functions assigned to MIDI devices available on Mac OS. Combine with devices such as Kraken2 and MIDI keyboard, and let's customize it to your own specifications.
  • Playing at the event, you can directly post a screen shot of presence ‘Best Picture’ to Twitter, and as a tool for real-time advertisement and attracting audiences and SNS followers.
  • System Requirements

    OS X 10.10/10.11/10.12
    8+ GB of RAM
    1,280x768pixel(Window size)
    NVIDIA or ATI GPU ( discrete GPU )

    Support format/files

    • Movie:mov mp4 m4v
    • Audio:mp3 aac m4a
    • Image:jpeg png tif bmp gif tga psd ai
    • Others:QuartzComposer Syphon NDI™

    1Bank:7x3 / 1category:50banks

    • QuartzComposer files(VDMX5)
    • ISF(VDMX5)
    • FFGL Plug-ins(64bit)
    MIDI device:possible to use the MIDI device recognized by the corresponding OS,
    and to assign functions on note numbers and control changes.
    *On the presupposition that at the channel setting Omni mode is On.

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